Pew Sheet for the 19th Sunday after Trinity 19: Lavenham Harvest Festival

Details of the next Parish Away Day have been announced. Everyone is invited & encouraged to Clare Priory for a day of refreshment and reflection based on episodes from St Luke’s gospel in our own context. Please sign up through the list at the back of church – we will share transport. (Any queries to Pam, Clare, Colin, Mark or Stephen.)

Following hot on its heels, on Tues 22nd of October the Cathedral will be hosting a study day, open at all, with a focus on St Matthew’s Gospel, costing £6. For 12 months from Advent this year, our Sunday gospel readings will be mainly from Matthew: come and find out more! See the Rector for details.

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Services for October 2013

The seemingly endless number of ‘Sundays after Trinity’ continue into October. This shouldn’t disguise the fact that this time of year has always been of immense importance to agricultural communities such as Lavenham and Preston and all the more so now there are fewer sheep to shear and more crops to harvest. It’s right and proper that we use the words ‘praise’, ‘festival’ and ‘thanksgiving’ to mark harvest, as we have much to be thankful for, living in such a productive part of the world. medieval harvest

Worth noting too that Bishop Nigel is moving on from the Diocese and everyone is invited to attend his farewell service at St Edmundsbury on the 20th of October.

Services in Lavenham and Preston St Mary October 2013

Pew sheet for the Twelfth Sunday After Trinity

Church offers us the opportunity to celebrate our faith through worship. There are many occasions though when, through consecration, church helps us to celebrate life’s most human moments: baptism to celebrate new birth, confirmation to celebrate new understanding, weddings to celebrate marriage, funerals to celebrate the lives of those we love. So I always find it particularly heartening to hear of people who return to our church time and again to commemorate these great moments in life. This Sunday Glen and Kathryn Skelton bring their young daughter Courtney Ann to Lavenham for baptism at the weekly Holy Communion service. We hope you will be able to join them in welcoming Courtney to our community of faith.

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Pew Sheet for the Eleventh Sunday After Trinity

Noting this week that Tickled Pink, one of Lavenham’s colourful tea rooms, will be hosting a ‘Men’s Breakfast’ on Thursday at 9am. The 15th of August is an intriguingly busy day, historically speaking though I am struggling to draw some association between the Independence of India, Pakistan and the Congo, the Beatles playing Shea Stadium, the opening of the Panama Canal and the death of King Macbeth.

For Christians, however, it is the Feast of the assumption of the Virgin Mary, the day on which we recall the taking up of the body of the mother of Christ in to Heaven. AssumptionWorship as usual this coming Sunday.

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Pew Sheet for the Fourth Sunday After Trinity

Following on from last week’s news about the ordination of Mark Woodrow, our new Curate, advance notice has been issued that the Patronal Festival of St Peter and St Paul –  the Feast day falls on the 29th of June – will be held on the 7th of July instead. The service will be followed in the Village Hall by the Friends of Lavenham Church AGM & lunch.St Peter and St Paul, south porch, Lavenham This notice gives me a good excuse to feature again our particularly friendly-looking patron saints, who stand guard over the porch.

Services for this Sunday, the 23rd of June, as normal:

8am Holy Communion (BCP) – Lavenham
10.15am Parish Communion – Lavenham
6pm Evensong (BCP) – Preston

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