From Lavenham to Calais

Calais Camp

Louise Harrison, a resident of Lavenham is organising for a lorry to take clothing, sleeping bags etc (see list below) the the refugee camps in Calais on the 7th / 8th December.

You are therefore asked to deliver any of the items below (which must be in a clean and usable state) to Louise before the 3rd December and she will then ensure that they are delivered to the camps.

Items required 
Sleeping bags
Tents (4 man tents or larger)
Camp mats / Sleeping Maps
Wind up/ solar torches and lantens
Men’s waterproof walking boots, high ankle, or trainers, especially UK Size 9
Women’s boots/ shoes up to UK Size 6  (No heels!)
Waterproof warm winter coats
Socks and Underwear (men’s, women’s and children’s)
Hats, gloves and scarves
Goody Bags

For more information please contact Louise:

Louise Harrison
The Lavenhams
Bridge Street Road
Tel 01787 247654

(The Lavenhams, is about half a mile out of the village on the left hand side of Bridge Street Road)

New Organist and Choir Leader

We have been very grateful to those organists locally who have kindly helped us out over the last six months or so for Sunday services and for weddings and funerals.

I am delighted to announce that Mr Peter Tryon has taken on the role of Organist & Choir Leader at Lavenham Parish Church from 22nd November.

Peter is a experienced Organist and has an excellent track record of recruiting and building choirs of all ages.  He has only just retired from his post at St Mary’s, Bury St Edmunds (the very big church close to the Cathedral) where he has served with great energy, enthusiasm and commitment from 1983.  Peter is highly regarded and well-known in music circles locally and will be continuing his additional work as a piano tuner.

Peter had heard about our vacancy and is tremendously excited at the prospect of working here and being instrumental (excuse pun) in carrying forward and building up the musical life of our church which we have all cherished.

Peter will undoubtedly make a very positive contribution to the life and worship of our church in the months and years ahead, and – not wasting time – is starting the ‘choir recruiting’ straight away!  All being well, this will be re-formed and singing early in the new year.  So Peter would love to hear from anyone who would like to enquire about being part of this new venture – his contact details are given below.

I am sure you will all be giving Peter a warm welcome and your wholehearted support.  We are so fortunate to have him!


Stephen  Earl (Rector)


Peter has written a short piece to introduction himself:

Peter Tryon (Organist)

I claim to be an East Anglian by birth as I was born in Cambridge in the back of an ambulance going down King’s Parade at 50mph.  I was however bought up near Portsmouth where I became a chorister at Havant Parish Church and started to take an interest in all things musical. I was offered an organ and piano building apprenticeship at 16, but the county intervened and offered me an organ scholarship to study the organ at Winchester Cathedral under the very aptly named, Alwyn Surplice.

At 18 I went to teacher train at Bretton Hall in Yorkshire as my father persuaded me there was little future in pianos and organs as Hammond electronics would soon rule the day. This was followed by teaching in Bristol and for 35 years, at Beyton Middle School.  The desire to work on pianos however never subsided and I found myself tuning and restoring pianos in my ever diminishing spare time, my father’s prophecy never fortunately materialising.

What took the bulk of my time however, was as Director of Music at different churches in Winchester, Yorkshire, Bristol, Rougham here in Suffolk and finally St. Mary’s in Bury St Edmunds for the past 32 years.

St Mary’s is a very busy church which needs very good music and for this I maintained and enhanced an all male choir which gained an excellent reputation.  “Specials” with the choir included singing at a host of cathedrals, numerous foreign trips and even an appearance on the “Noel Edmonds Late, Late Breakfast Show” where sixty of us sang the Hallelujah Chorus on the back of a Land Rover in front of an estimated audience of 18 million viewers! Alongside this we had a ladies choir who sometimes joined the men, but never the boys.

As if my spare time isn’t taken up enough I have also had time to write three books.  The latter entitled “The Steinway that wouldn’t budge” or the comical confessions of a piano tuner/organist/teacher, comes out in the new year. (Plug,plug).

Personally I have four sons, two grandchildren and a wonderful wife called Glynis. We live in Drinkstone.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you and to the challenges of the post here in Lavenham.  There is a lot to do, for which, I am sure, I will enjoy much support.

Peter Tryon
Organist and Choir Leader
Lavenham Parish Church
9 Green Close,
Bury St Edmunds,
Suffolk IP30 9TE

Tel: O1449 736049
Mobile: 07787 486726

Fundraising ‘Bridge Drive’ comes up trumps

A FUNDRAISING game of classic card game bridge came up trumps as more than £1,417.50 was raised to boost Lavenham Church’s Building Fund, which will be used to pay for the repairs to the roof, recently damaged by lead thieves.

The successful charity bridge drive was held on Wednesday 28th October in Lavenham Village Hall and attracted bridge fans from far and wide.

The players enjoyed some good and some not so good hands of the cards interrupted only by afternoon tea and a raffle.   A total of £1,417.50 was raised on the day, with a further £55 being donated after the event by supporters who were unable to attend.

Organiser Jean Charity, thanked all who attended, the helpers, and all who donated prizes for the raffle.

The Revd Mark Woodrow, Curate at Lavenham Church, said: “This was a fantastic result which shows what can be achieved when people, such as Jean and her team of helpers, come together to organise events to raise funds for our iconic place of worship, which we hope is at the very heart of village life.”

He added that “thanks to the support of the local community, work to repair the damage caused by the thieves is expected to begin in the next few weeks”

Donations can still be made to support the ongoing maintenance of Lavenham Church online at: 



Bridge Drive 2   Bridge Drive 1

Fantastic fundraising achieves target for lead theft roof repair



Following the theft of an estimated seven tons of lead from the north aisle roof of Lavenham Parish Church during August, the community and supporters of St Peter & St Paul Lavenham have rallied round amazingly to raise the necessary funds to repair the damage and help prevent a recurrence.

It was initially feared that repairs might have exceeded £100,000 however, in part thanks to quick thinking volunteers helping to mitigate internal damage and local roofing firms quoting competitively, the final costs will be around £50,000.

Rector, The Revd. Stephen Earl said, “The response from the community has been fantastic and in less than a month and a half we have raised sufficient money to replace the stolen lead, repair the damage the thieves caused, as well as installing a state of the art alarm system, which we believe will prevent any future thefts from our church, and indeed we are fully behind the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust ‘Alarms for Churches Appeal’.”

Churchwardens, David Deacon and Graham Pattrick, commented that “as with any historic building such as ours, ongoing restoration and maintenance is both a great responsibility and also a privilege, as we strive to preserve the building for our children and grandchildren’s generation.   We can now return our attention to fundraising for more routine restoration, and have set up an online giving account so that anyone can donate towards the future of Lavenham Church”.

Police investigations into this and a number of other Lead Theft from Churches over recent months are ongoing.


Well done to our intrepid cyclists

Family Cycling

Back on the 12th September 2015, Six cyclists from Lavenham Church took part in the Sponsored Ride organised by the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust to raise vital funds for the repair and maintenance of the many ancient and historic churches, chapels, and meeting houses right across the county.

We are delighted to announce that this year our riders raised an amazing £1,075.50.   This amount will be divided equally between Lavenham Church and Suffolk Historic Church Trust.

We are particularly please to support SHCT this year, as following the spate of lead thefts from many churches across Suffolk (including our own), they have launched their “Alarms for Churches Appeal” to help subsidize the cost of fitting roof alarms* to churches which could not otherwise afford them.

*similar to the Alarms now installed on Lavenham church and our sister church in Preston St Mary.

Harvest at Lavenham

Last weekend we celebrated God’s bountiful harvest, with gifts of food being shared with our local Foodbank (, and donations made to support Water Aid (

We thought we would share a few pictures.

Harvest 6

Harvest 20

Harvest 1

Harvest 18

Harvest 19

Harvest 3

Harvest 4

Harvest 5

Harvest 8

Harvest 9

Harvest 13

Harvest 14

A Prayer for Harvest 

Creator God, 

You made the goodness of the land, the riches of the sea and the rhythm of the seasons; as we thank you for the harvest, may we cherish and respect this planet and its peoples, through Jesus Christ our Lord.