This Sunday will be the third Sunday before Advent

This Sunday we will be celebrating the third Sunday before advent. As usual we will be enjoying a full programme of music at the 10.15am Eucharist. Here are the details:

Setting – Mass of St Thomas (Thorne)

Processional – Hymn 139 “Veni, sancte Spiritus”, as translated from Langton’s original Latin version by J.M. Neale. Gopsal.

Gradual – Psalm 70

Alleluia – Celtic Alleluia (O’Carroll)

Offertory – Hymn 16 Wachet Auf (“Wake! Oh, Wake! With tidings thrilling…”) as translated from Philipp Nikolai’s original by Burkitt.

Agnus Dei – Mass of St Thomas (Thorne)

Communion – Hymn 305 Anima Christi (“Soul of my Saviour, sanctify my breast…”) an anonymous translation from the 14th century Latin original.

Post Communion – Give me oil

The Hymns will be taken from The New English Hymnal.



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