Please join us for Remembrance Sunday this weekend


Lavenham has many connections with the military. Our church is furnished with memorials for the World Wars of the twentieth century and a number of personal memorials and gravestones of men and women who have fallen in service of their country in other conflicts.

Visitors may be surprised to know that Lavenham Church also contains a memorial to the American servicemen who were based in the parish during WWII. Lavenham was home to an American Air Force base during World War IIUSAAF Station 137 was manned by the US Army Air Force 487th Bombardment Group between 1944 and 1945.

Worship this Sunday

At 8am Holy Communion will be celebrated in Lavenham.

At 10.15am we will be holding an Ecumenical Service of Remembrance in Lavenham. This service will be non-Eucharistic (no Holy Communion) and we will welcome people from the Salvation Army and Roman Catholic congregations (and any one else who would like to join us).

At 6pm we will be celebrating Holy Communion at St Mary’s Church, Preston St Mary.


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