Sunday 18th December – Advent IV

This Sunday we will be having a special service of nine readings and carols in Lavenham Church at 4pm. As we draw near to the end of advent, the service should be a great way to get us into the Christmas spirit, in anticipation of thw weekend following.

Parish Eucharist will be celebrated at the usual time, 10.15, in Lavenham Church. Please click the link following to see the 18.12.11 service sheet

If you are in the mood for practising the sung elements of the service, details are provided below. New English Hymnal, I think, for the hymns…

Processional – 11 Veni Emmanuel

Kyrie – Mass in Three Parts (Byrd)

Gradual – Psalm 89 v 1-4, 19-27

Alleluia – Soon and very soon  (Crouch)

Offertory – 186 Woodlands

Sanctus – Missa Penitentia (Hogger)

Agnus Dei – Mass in the Phyrgian Mode (Wood)

Communion – The Angel Gabriel (Trad. Arr. Pettman)

Post Communion – 9 Helmsley


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