Gift Day – Saturday 7th March 2015

Dear Friends

At Lavenham Church we serve many people in many ways: giving the opportunity for worship to those attending our regular services; sharing the joy of a couple coming to be married or a family bringing their child for baptism; comforting the bereaved.   To all these and many more we seek to be a channel of God’s love to those looking to our church for help and encouragement.

Our impact is also felt well beyond the church building itself, sometimes to those who may not normally look to the church for help.  Through our outreach into our community, often in partnership with others, we are constantly seeking to meet the needs of the marginalised and vulnerable in our society.

All this is possible because of the continued commitment of time, skills and energy which people bring to our church and also the financial support given over the years by many in our village.  And this is why I am asking for your help today.

Like every household our church needs to keep up with the cost of living. While we are as careful as possible with our funds, our outgoings like heating, insurance, our clergy and many other day-to-day costs mount up.   You may not realise that this comes to a staggering £2,215 each week. We receive some money from funeral and wedding fees and also from fundraising during the year, but the vast majority comes from our church members, our visitors, and from our supporters in the village itself, each one giving faithfully to ensure that our church continues to be here, today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

In order for us to sustain our historic grade one listed church building, a sacred place that has been at the heart of our village for over 500 years, to continue to support our community, to develop our work with young people, and to be able to welcome the many visitors who visit the village every year we need to bridge our anticipated income shortfall of just under £200 a week.

As custodians of such an integral part of our villages history we also have a duty maintain the fabric of the church, and whilst we are fortunate that there are no immediate structural concerns, however, our architect has identified that the building will require close to £200,000 of structural repairs and maintenance over the next few years, but with your support this figure is achievable.

 So I am asking of you one or two things:-

  1. Join our Regular Planned Giving Scheme by completing a monthly standing order form. *
  2. Give a one off gift for the work of the church. *

In both instances if you pay income tax or capital gains tax please complete the ‘gift aid’ declaration as this will increase the value of your gift to us by 25% at no additional cost to you.

May I thank you in anticipation for responding to this request, hoping and praying that you will join us in supporting our church’s ministry.

You are invited to bring your gift to church on Saturday 7th March from 9.30am to 12.00pm where you can join us for coffee, climb the tower (weather permitting) and find out more about what’s going on at the Parish Church.  If you are unable to join us for our Gift Day, by all means put your gift/response through the letter-box at The Rectory, in advance or afterwards.

If you would like any more information or want to talk this through, please do contact me.

With every blessing.


The Revd Stephen Earl


* Please complete your details below and we will be in touch to provide you with the necessary information

Lavenham Parochial Church Council is a Registered Charity No. 1131642         

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