A statement regarding the Director of Music and Choir

The Parochial Church Council of St Peter & St Paul Lavenham has ended its contract with Mr Stephen Hogger in his role as Director of Music, and wish him well in the next phase of his career.

Mr Hogger was first appointed in May 1998 and has worked voluntarily and professionally on the enhancement of the church’s fine Willis organ.

The Rector and Churchwardens pay tribute to Mr Hogger’s musical talent and are grateful for all that he has given of his time and skills at Lavenham.

Whilst we are saddened by the subsequent announcement that members of the existing choir have chosen to leave as a result of this decision, they leave with our thanks for their past service.

Over recent decades the church has been proud of its music and choral tradition which it hopes will continue in the future.


All enquiries to: –
Mr John Howard,
Bishop’s Press Officer.
Mobile: 0787 2314653
Office: 01379 678416
Email:  john.howard@cofesuffolk.org


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