From Lavenham to Calais

Calais Camp

Louise Harrison, a resident of Lavenham is organising for a lorry to take clothing, sleeping bags etc (see list below) the the refugee camps in Calais on the 7th / 8th December.

You are therefore asked to deliver any of the items below (which must be in a clean and usable state) to Louise before the 3rd December and she will then ensure that they are delivered to the camps.

Items required 
Sleeping bags
Tents (4 man tents or larger)
Camp mats / Sleeping Maps
Wind up/ solar torches and lantens
Men’s waterproof walking boots, high ankle, or trainers, especially UK Size 9
Women’s boots/ shoes up to UK Size 6  (No heels!)
Waterproof warm winter coats
Socks and Underwear (men’s, women’s and children’s)
Hats, gloves and scarves
Goody Bags

For more information please contact Louise:

Louise Harrison
The Lavenhams
Bridge Street Road
Tel 01787 247654

(The Lavenhams, is about half a mile out of the village on the left hand side of Bridge Street Road)


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